Beef Product Quality

  • 2007 Market Cow & Bull Audit - In 2007, the third National Market Cow and Bull Beef Quality Audit was conducted to identify improvements made in problems identified in earlier audits and identify quality challenges for the future.
  • Packaging Influences Beef Quality Attributes - Many factors influence the shelf-life, color, and sensory attributes of beef. Packaging is one of those factors. 
  • Does Vitamin A Impact Quality Grade? - There is a resurgence of interest in defining vitamin A requirements for growing and finishing cattle. The reason –there is growing evidence that vitamin A (retinoids) can inhibit fat synthesis. 
  • Quality, Tenderness, and Value of Beef from Heifers vs. Steers - Beef produced by heifers is nearly identical to that of steers. Slight differences are only apparent when examining large populations. Traditionally, heifers have generally produced higher quality grades than steers. 

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