• Beef Reproduction Task Force
  • The Bovine Estrous Cycle - After heifers reach puberty (first ovulation) or following the postpartum anestrous period (a period of no estrous cycles) in cows, a period of estrous cycling begins. Estrous cycles give a heifer or cow a chance to become pregnant about every 21 days. 
  • Detection of Standing Estrus in Cattle - Estrous-detection aids or estrous synchronization protocols can greatly increase the likelihood of detecting cows in standing estrus. 
  • Tips for a Successful Synchronization Program [Kansas State University] - Do you know if your herd is a good candidate for synchronization of estrus? Can you identify potential problems if artificial insemination (AI) pregnancy rates are lower than expected in an existing program? 
  • Use of Natural Service Sires with Synchronized Estrus - Typically producers that synchronize estrus do so to facilitate an AI program. However there are some instances where application of an AI program is not feasible but advantages from synchronization of estrus are still desirable.