Pasture and Grazing

  • Michigan Pasture Rental Rates - 2014 - The renting of pasture land for grazing animals is coming under increased demand across the country and in the State of Michigan. The reasons for this increased demand include the rising price of all meat animals, and the increasing price of common alternative feed sources for these grazing animals including hay and corn. 
  • Watering Systems for Grazing - There are two basic approaches to watering systems on grazing land: either take the water to the animals, or provide limited access for the animals to go to the water.
  • Grazing Management for Riparian Areas - Riparian areas which surround streams are important sources of forage for grazing livestock. These areas are also important for recreation and wildlife habitat and perform a variety of ecosystem services, such as filtering nutrients and pathogens from surface runoff to protect streams and lakes. 
  • Improving Pasture and Hay Ground with Manure Slurry-enriched Seeding - In recent years, interest has grown in the use of managed intensive grazing for beef and dairy cattle. Pasture land is often nutrient-deficient because crop nutrients are removed in harvested hay early in the growing season when the forage supply exceeds grazing demand. 
  • Cows, Streams & E. Coli: What Everyone Needs to Know - Contamination of water by bacteria is one of the leading causes of impairment in U.S. surface waters. While many bacteria occur naturally in the environment and are an important component of many ecosystem processes, some are of concern because they may cause diseases. 
  • Pasture and Field Goal Kickers - No Respect  - The first thing to plant in your pastures is what? Answer: Fence posts! You would not turn your cows into the whole winter’s bale pile at one time, why do you let your cows wander all over the farm.
  • Livestock Grazing Management and Watering Systems   - Streams, lakes, and wetlands contribute to Michigan’s precious water resources. Although these water resources within pasture lands can be used for livestock, protecting water quality is the producer’s responsibility. 

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