• Connecting the Cow Herd to the Carcass - After years of talking about it, value based marketing of beef has become a reality. As a result, carcass traits are receiving increased emphasis whenbreeding decisionss  are made. There is some debate within the beef industry whether too much emphasis is being placed on the end-product.
  • Keeping Things In Balance - Today’s emphasis is on the use of   Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) to improve breeding decisions. In the near future, we will have DNA technology to enhance the accuracy of EPDs. 
  • Where is the Beef Seedstock Industry Headed? - Whether we like it or not, the beef industry is on the verge of major change to a more industrialized model of production and marketing. The industry will not integrate to the extent of poultry or pork, but there will be increased coordination throughout the supply chain. There will be demands on each sector of the industry to add value. The seedstock sector will not be exempt from these trends.


  • Managing the AM (Curly Calf) Genetic Defect  -Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), commonly known as Curly Calf syndrome, is a lethal genetic defect that was recently confirmed within the Angus breed. Other breeds with Angus in their pedigree may also be affected. An AM-affected calf is born dead, appears thin, and most notably, has a bent or twisted spine.