HRT 865: Plant Growth and Development

Course Code: HRT 865

Credits and Offerings

  • 3 credits
  • Fall of even years (ARCHIVED AS OF FALL 2020)

Course Description

Genetics and molecular biology of development in higher plants as influenced by genes and environment. Biosynthesis, action and signal transduction of phytohormones and other signaling molecules. Initiation, formation and patterning of plant organs and cell types. Genetic variation underlying developmental diversity.

Course Objectives

  • Become familiar with general developmental mechanism and diversity of development among multicellular organisms
  • Review organization of plant tissues, organs and structures
  • Learn the architecture and characteristics of various plant cell types
  • Become more familiar with the structure and properties of various plant hormones and other signaling molecules
  • Understand the respective biosynthetic pathways for plant hormones, including key enzymes and intermediates
  • Understand routes of trafficking and movement of hormones and signaling molecules throughout the plant
  • Identify how plant hormones are perceived at target sites, and how a response is generated through activation of gene expression
  • Review key steps in symmetric and asymmetric cell division
  • Understand the mechanical and morphological aspects of plant cell growth
  • Understand how the abiotic environment influences plant development
  • Learn the genetic, molecular and morphological aspects of various developmental transitions, including:
    • embryogenesis
    • seed development
    • seed dormancy and germination
    • seedling development
    • vegetative growth
    • flowering and flower formation
    • pollination
    • fruit development
    • fruit ripening
    • fertilization