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Developmental Genetics of Horticultural Crop Plants

The research group that I lead focuses on identifying genes that control development and form of horticultural crop plants and understanding how these genes interact with the environment to determine final plant form. Our research should lead to better understanding of the genetic mechanisms of processes such as flowering, as well as the developmental remodeling of new cultivars with traits more compatible with changing societal needs, production systems, and climate.

Current Projects

  • Juvenility in woody perennial plants
    Many fruit and nut crops are woody perennial plants. These typically pass through several years of vegetative growth before flowering is possible - a phenomenon called juvenility. The length of the juvenile phase is now the major impediment to the rapid development of new cultivars because breeders must wait several years to obtain seed from crosses. We are using a wild apple species, Malus hupehensis, as a model to understand the molecular-genetic control of juvenility. This species shows a very short juvenile phase (as little as seven months) and is easy to research in the lab and field. We are also developing new ways to artificially shorten the juvenile phase of domesticated apple (Malus x domestica) and have decreased the flowering time of this species from 5-8 years to under 2 years in the lab!
  • Understanding biennial bearing and the control of flowering in apple by gibberellins
    Apple cultivars typically bear flowers and fruit only every other year, a phenomenon termed alternate or biennial bearing. In the bearing year, the presence of developing fruit has a repressive effect on the initiation of flowers, which would bloom the following year to generate fruit. In apple and other woody perennial plants, bioactive gibberellins (GAs) also generally have a repressive effect on floral initiation. This project encompasses several synergistic lines of inquiry integrating molecular, genetic and genomic approaches designed to dissect the molecular-genetic bases of biennial bearing in apple. At the applied level, this work will generate tools and knowledge to combat one of the major challenges to the sustainability of the U.S. apple industry. At the fundamental level, the work will address one of the most significant unanswered problems in plant biology - the mechanisms by which GAs repress flowering in woody perennial plants.


  • Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin
  • B.S. Genetics, Cornell University


HRT860 Scientific Writing: Workshop (Spring semesters, class time arranged by students)

This small-group workshop trains graduate students in scientific writing through reading and analysis of representative publications from a variety of general and plant-related journals. Optionally, students writing a paper, thesis or grant proposal  bring drafts and distribute these to other students in the group. The writing is discussed and suggestions for improvement are made collectively by instructor and class members.


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