Collection samples


The Arthropod Research Center is open by appointment to all interested researchers, societies, and the public. Display presentation space is limited in the main collection area. Contact the Collection Manager to arrange visits. Public education about insects is readily available through the live examples and exhibits in the Bug House.

Identifications and bug questions 

The Collection’s resources are available to anyone who needs information about insect and arthropod identification and biology. Our highest priority is to assist researchers and students. The collection staff can offer assistance to the public with identifications for butterflies and moths (must be in good condition), beetles and some unusual or uncommon insects as time permits. However, identifications concerning household, garden or agricultural pests should first be requested from Michigan State University Extension educators, MSU insect diagnostician at Plant & Pest Diagnostics, at 517-353-9386 or msubughelp@msu.edu.


“Oh-My” Collection/Displays

The Arthropod Research Collection also has 10 display drawers of “Oh-My” insects and other arthropods that are used by faculty, staff and students for various departments and Bug House outreach exhibits and events. They are also used by the Department of Entomology and other faculties in various classes on campus.

Butterfly specimens

Winged Jewels - Butterflies and moths 

ARC personnel put together an exhibit of Lepidoptera called “Winged Jewels” that was displayed at the MSU Museum from March 22 to October 5, 1998. One display from the original exhibit, consisting of a cornucopia of butterflies spread along a wall, is still on permanent exhibit in the MSU museum. Additional parts of this exhibit, now part of the Arhropod Research Center, are on display in exhibit cases in the 4th floor atrium, across from Room 401 in Natural Science.