Faculty and staff

  • George Bird, Professor Emeritus and Curator, Nematodes
  • Anthony Cognato, Professor and Collection Director, Curator Coleoptera
  • Gary Parsons, Academic Specialist and Collection Manager, Curator Coleoptera
  • Sarah Smith, Curator, Scolytinae
  • Richard Snider, Professor and Curator, Apterygota and Spiders
  • Fred Stehr, Professor Emeritus and Curator, Immature Insects

Adjunct curators

Graduate students

  • Erica Fisher, Patterns of Lepidoptera collecting in North America
  • Steven Nichols, Insect Husbandry
  • Rachel Osborn, Scolytinae
  • Gina Sari, Scolytinae

Database staff

  • Krista DeCooke
  • Eric Galbraith
  • Emmaline Gates
  • Rachel Polus
  • Kirsten Robinson
  • Rebekka Winklepleck

Research contributors

The following persons through their collecting and research efforts have added a significant number of specimens over time curating parts of the Arthropod Research Center:

  • Martin Andree, Lepidoptera
  • Jason Gibbs, Hymenoptera: Apoidea
  • Robert Kriegel, Lepidoptera
  • Mark O’Brien, Odonata
  • William Taft, Lepidoptera: Sesiidae
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