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Step-by-step directions for Faculty on how to Stream and Record Lectures

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Retirement Resources for Faculty, Academic Staff, and Administrators

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MSU WorkLife Office

Finding Childcare

Caregiving Support for Faculty and Staff

Teaching Greenhouse Policy to Minimize Pests

Resource from the School of Social Work to help increase your understanding of sexual assault, its impacts and your ability to respond to victims/survivors; as well as provide frameworks for safe and open discussion (e.g., in your classrooms).

Faculty Search Guidelines

Main Office Schedule

On-campus staffing:

  • Monday: Greta, Meghan, Theresa
  • Tuesday: Morgan, Meghan, Theresa, Kaylene
  • Wednesday: Morgan, Greta, Kaylene
  • Thursday: Morgan, Greta, Meghan, Theresa
  • Friday: Morgan, Theresa, Kaylene

The office staff are working remotely otherwise, during normal business hours.

Computer Support

For computer support, contact Dan Wyrembelski via e-mail or call 517-353-0372.  Additional support can be found by contacting CANR Technology Services or MSU Technology Support.