Abby Makowski, Trial Garden Manager, 

2023 will be Abby's first year with the gardens.  She came to us from Dow Gardens in Midland, MI.  She enjoys incorporating unusual plants such as edibles and succulents into her annual display beds.  Abby is an MSU graduate from the Department of Horticulture.  Contact Abby if you have any questions related to our trials or to our Plant Trials Open House.

2023 Summer Interns

Our summer interns do their fair share of sweating each season! Rain or shine, they do a great job keeping the plants growing well. Each has spent long and tedious hours weeding, watering, and doing an endless number of garden tasks.  They worked under wet and dry, hot and cold conditions this year – but returned each day to do it again.  Thanks to their efforts, the gardens are once again looking great!

Dan Bulkowski, Greenhouse and Garden Manager,

Our fearless leader in the greenhouse and garden!  Dan runs the entire show and helps to fix just about anything that breaks.  An impossible job –but he manages to pull it off – and with a smile!  Dan is an MSU graduate from the Department of Horticulture.

Our MSU Horticulture Garden Volunteers

Each Tuesday and Thursday, our faithful volunteers show up for 3 hours to help on numerous garden activities. They accomplish a great deal and we appreciate all their help!