2015-16 Grants

Project GREEEN awarded 42 new grants for projects in 2015-16.

August 10, 2015

Project GREEEN has awarded 42 new grants for projects in 2015-16, as well as continued funding for 29 additional projects.

Jared Ali - Manipulating the soil dwelling friends and foes of cucurbitaceae: development and utilization of below ground cucumber beetle natural enemies and the plant signals/contexts that make biological control effective

Christine Bahlai - Exploiting the landscape of fear as an insect control tactic

Randolph Beaudry - Developing storage alternatives for Honeycrisp and other carbon dioxide-sensitive apple varieties

Daniel Brainard - Evaluating the use of mustard cover crops to aid in establishment of asparagus

Kimberly Cassida - Filling gaps: critical forage management bulletins

Martin Chilvers - Identifying dry bean root rot pathogens and characterizing the threat of sudden death syndrome for improved disease management

Martin Chilvers - Digital extension media to improve field crop disease education, management and profitability

David Douches - Assessing the impact of climate change on potato production in Michigan in the 21st century

Carlos Garcia-Salazar - Advanced IPM scout training for underserved berry growers to manage new invasive species SWD/BMSB

Matthew Grieshop - Further evaluation of a solid set canopy delivery system for high-density apples

Matthew Grieshop - Development of attract and kill approaches for brown marmorated stink bug and spotted wing drosophila

Larry Gut - Monitoring and management of two key invasive pests of apple and peach

Daniel Guyer - Using x-ray computed tomography (CT) for enhanced in vivo study of potato tuber late blight development

Mary Hausbeck - Michigan cucumber growers face new challenges

Mary Hausbeck - Downy mildew on hop: tools to protect Michigan's new industry

Rufus Isaacs - Sustainable trapping strategies and attract and kill methods for improved management of grape berry moth

Rufus Isaacs - Managing a resurgent pest: stem gall wasp in Michigan blueberries

Rufus Isaacs - Achieving effective spotted wing drosophila control in small fruit crops

James Kelly - Transcriptome profiling to understand molecular mechanism of compatibiility and incompatibility in bean-anthracnose pathosystem

James Kelly - Non-destructive imaging as a breeding tool to assess end use quality of dry bean

William Kirk - From planting to processing: season-long disease management of potato late blight incorporating bio-rational organic materials to enhance soil health

Gregory Lang - Evaluation of biocontrol strategies for cherry bacterial canker control

Gregory Lang - Competitive orchards 2020: integrating tree fruit cropping physiology, canopy architectures, climate modification technologies, and pest management strategies

Hui Li - Vegetable uptake of pharmaceuticals from soil and water

Christopher Long - Evaluation of factors that impact the storage of potato tubers

Kimberly Cassida and Christopher Long - Upper Peninsula Soil Health Pilot Project

Ashley McFarland - Reducing pre-harvest sprouting in malting barley through cultural management practices

Haddish Melakeberhan - Understanding the northern root-knot nematode distribution and testing location-specific management of parasitic variability in Michigan carrot soils

Emily Merewitz - Cultivar screening and transcriptome evaluation of creeping bentgrass exposed to drought stress

Perry Ng - MSU Conducted and coordinated industry wheat evaluations for wheat quality testing of advanced lines

Perry Ng - Assessment of allergenic potential of wheat lines from the MSU breeding program

Eric Olson - Identifying variation for visual sprouting and alpha-amylase activity in soft winter wheat

Noah Rosenzweig - The soil health initiative: crop rotations for enhancing soil health, plant health, and disease management in potato production

Nikki Rothwell - Preventing disease epidemics by assessing cherry leaf spot development and severity under Michigan's current and predicted climatic conditions in Montmorency tart cherry

Erik Runkle - Dynamic lighting for production of leafy greens in controlled environments

J. Robert Sirrine - Demonstration, education, and outreach to develop and enhance Michigan's hop industry

Christy Sprague - Integrating cultural practices to aid in the management glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth

Zsofia Szendrei - Aster yellows detection in leafhoppers to provide management solutions to Michigan plant industries

Zsofia Szendrei - Assessing the role of onion thrips in bacterial leaf blight of onion

Lisa Tiemann - How does cover crop chemistry regulate soil microbes, soil organic matter dynamics and plant available nitrogen?

Julianna Wilson - Developing sound IPM strategies for controlling spotted wing drosophilia in tart cherries

Thomas Zabadal - The development of vineyard models for the maximum production of juice grapes with acceptable quality under Michigan growing conditions

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