2023 Western Horse Riding Camp Day 1

Horses, safety, and line dancing!!

Happy day one of horse camp 2! Campers are so excited to spend time with our horses Sedona and Grizz while also learning safety, grooming and parts of a horse!

Helmet Activity


Wearing a helmet while riding a horse is so important. You know when you ride a bike, the helmet protects you from hurting your head if you happen to fall off. Everyone was given 1-2 cups, an egg with protective covering to demonstrate what could happen if they were to fall off their horse and hurt their head. Which is why they need to always wear a helmet to avoid any injuries and prevent a concussion.

Parts of a horse


With a laminated diagram of a horse’s hoof, campers had to match the different parts to the word they have. They learn about the different parts of a horse such as their chest, tail, hooves, ears, and more!

Horse Time


Campers always get time with our horses and get to ride either Sedona or Grizz. They learn how to stop a horse when they want to get off also where to put their feet on the saddle. They love our horses and have so much fun!

Safety and senses 


Horses are huge animals and if they get startled, you could get hurt. Campers learned safety around the horses, Sedona and Grizz such as making sure if you go around them to keep your hand on them, so you don’t startle the horse. In the video it also talked about different behaviors, why they stomp their feet etc.

Check out more photos here:

Western Horse Camp Photos

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