CRFS at New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Denver

CRFS hosted "Advancing Healthy, Equitable Food Systems," in conjunction with the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, offering many opportunities for local and regional food systems collaborators to connect and learn.

As part of the 13th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, CRFS staff person Laura Goddeeris facilitated a half-day workshop, Advancing Healthy, Equitable Food Systems: Building Capacity, Partnerships and Resources. This pre-conference workshop engaged approximately 150 participants from community organizations, planning, local government and business in learning about innovative models and exploring techniques to advance food systems that return greater benefits to their own communities and regions. You can find Laura’s reflections on the session or download an audio recording of the session, along with viewing other information about the conference.

The New Partners for Smart Growth conference took place in Denver, CO, in February 2014, and included 80 sessions and workshops featuring hundreds of speakers from a wide variety of disciplines. These sessions highlighted opportunities and strategies for communities to enhance their economies, land use, and citizens’ health, including avenues for improvement via healthy, equitable food systems.

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