Dan Wyrembelski named 2018 CANR Outstanding Individual Staffer

An information technologist in the MSU Department of Horticulture, Dan Wyrembelski has lent his expertise to improve the quality and efficiency of information technology across the college.

Ron Hendrick (left) and Dan Wyrembelski

Dan is an information technologist in the MSU Department of Horticulture. However, his skills have had a tremendous impact on the quality and efficiency of information technology in not only the Department of Horticulture but also in the other departments and programs in the Plant and Soil Science (PSS) Building as well as staff working in other areas. He was instrumental in determining the most cost-efficient phone system for the PSS Building. This benefited the budgets of all involved. He also spearheaded the grant request and subsequent purchasing and installation of the Polycom distance education system for PSS. This upgrade replaced outdated equipment and improved the quality of delivery of courses that connect with students across the state. The system also connects faculty and graduate students for meetings across the state, country and world. He tackled transitioning the department’s website to a new content management system with passion. He is always searching for new ideas, products and tools to stay on top of the requirements of his role. His work ethic – to do every job correctly and efficiently the first time around – helps him to be successful in his job, which translates to helping faculty, staff and students to be more efficient. People have described Dan as knowledgeable, dedicated, calm, focused, experienced, a fast learner, a team player, fearless, funny and a lifesaver – attributes of someone deserving of the CANR Outstanding Individual Staff Member Award.

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