Featured Entomology undergraduate student Chelsea Rawe

Interview with featured Entomology undergraduate student Chelsea Rawe.

Chelsea Rawe

Name: Chelsea Rawe

Hometown: Clarkston, MI

Future plans: May be interested in something related to medical entomology, human health and international development.

What or who inspired your interest in entomology? When I first arrived at MSU I did not even know that entomology was its own field, however, as a freshman I was searching for a field that was both scientific and had reasonably direct, real-world impacts. I happened upon entomology. After a meeting with Walter Pett and Chris DiFonzo, I was hooked. I enjoyed my first summer working in the turfgrass lab with Terry Davis, and then I was set on studying entomology.

What do you wish other people understood about entomology? Many people don't realize that insects impact their daily life. When I tell people I am an entomologist, people often take a few minutes to consider how that might fit into the world as a whole. I think entomology is an important field to study because insects impact food production, human health, economics and they are a beautiful example of diversity in the animal world. I hope others have the pleasure of being introduced to the field of study like I have been.

What is your opinion on entomophagy (eating insects) as practiced in other world cultures?I think eating insects makes a lot of sense. They are high in protein and readily available even to people with little economic power. When presented the opportunity, I have eaten several insects – both living and cooked – including several species of grubs and ants. The ants tasted much better than I had expected them to.

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