Featured Entomology undergraduate student Katie Demeuse

Interview with Entomology undergraduate student Katie Demeuse.


Name: Katie Demeuse

Hometown: Caledonia, Michigan

Future study or career plans: Pursue a Master’s degree studying vector biology.

Why study entomology? There’s so many topics you can research, and bugs are everywhere (and they’re always going to be there, so that’s good job security)!

What or who inspired your interest in entomology? I started working in the Vegetable Entomology Lab on campus and the people in the lab were so enthusiastic about what they were learning and researching, that they converted me from a Fisheries and Wildlife major to an Entomology major. It ended up to be a great decision!

What has been your best experience with entomology? Working in two different entomology labs has been my best experiences. By working in these labs, I was able to see how research is done and how my love of insects could translate into a career. 

What do you wish other people understood about entomology? I wish other people understood that entomologists don’t just “play with bugs all day.” Sure, there’s a little of that, but the research that is being done in places like MSU is so important. 

If you could be an insect, which insect would you be and why? Honey bees are probably my favorite insects. They are just so cute and their honey is pretty great too.

Was there ever a time when you didn’t like insects? Growing up, I was never really afraid of insects. Spiders, on the other hand, did tend to scare me away. Thankfully, I mostly grew out of that!

What is your opinion on entomophagy (eating insects) as practiced in other world cultures?  Would you try insect cuisine if given the opportunity? I think insects are a great protein source! I have yet to try an insect dish, but would love a chance to try it.

What is your favorite activity/way to spend your time outside of Entomology? I enjoy biking, watching sports and playing with my cat.

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