Learning opportunities and a wide range of resources led Keivan Bahmani to MSU

Keivan Bahmani is a Ph.D student and received his degree in Plant Breeding from the University of Tehran. He is working under the direction of Dr. Ryan Warner and his research focuses on understanding the genetic basis of sweetener production in stevia.

Featured Student

Why did you choose Horticulture as your advanced degree?

I like working on medicinal plants, which is one of the sub branches of horticulture.

What has been the best experience in grad school so far?

Being more focused on a specific plant, using new technologies, interacting with open-minded and intelligent people, getting published, and participating in scientific meetings.

What is the best selling point about horticulture and your choice to study it at MSU that you would like others to know?

Michigan State is one of the best universities for agriculture. All kinds of facilities and resources are exist here and are available to everybody. If you are looking for learning opportunities, MSU is where you should be.

What are your future plans (i.e. – what would be your ideal job after you graduate)?

After graduating, I hope to work in a research center, doing independent research with the final goal of releasing elite cultivars, and also incorporate some teaching.

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