NEW Commemorative Brick Locations

There are now more Gardens' locations to place your commemorative brick.

As many of you know the Horticulture Gardens are mostly self-funded. We frequently offer classes and workshops, we offer wedding and event rental,  and who doesn't know about our Plant Sales? But did you know about our Commemorative Brick program? Our Commemorative Brick program offers an opportunity for you to remember a loved one, celebrate a special day, show your love for a family member or friend, all while supporting the Gardens.

As the seasons change, so must the landscape of the Gardens. We have removed the raised beds along the center of the Franks Nursery and Crafts' Rose Garden and replaced them with new locations for Commemorative Bricks (pictured above).

We now offer four bricks locations to choose from. In addition to the new Rose Garden, we have (pictured in order below) the Perennial Garden, the Anniversary Plaza, and the Liberty Hyde Bailey Plaza.

For more information on our Commemorative Brick program or to order your brick, visit our Bricks webpage.  


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