Perennial Garden Brick Walk Redo

The brick walkway is now safer to walk on.

After many years of a wobbly walkway, the brick paver walk in the Judith DeLapa Perennial Garden was made safe this fall. (A little construction detail info: The brick pavers are laid onto a concrete base, with a metal edging holding the bricks in place.) After years of use by garden guests, and mowing and snow removal equipment, the edging migrated away from the bricks and the concrete base. The west end was especially bad. I’m very surprised that someone didn’t fall off the walkway, the bricks along the edge had become that unstable. After contact with MSU's Infrastructure, Planning, and Facilities, the walkway was officially deemed unsafe. We knew that. So, good news for the gardens, because of the safety issue, the cost of the walk redo would not be our responsibility. On each side of the walkway, a concrete “ribbon” was poured to act as the new brick edging restraint. Then a different contractor came in, lifted the bricks to make some adjustments, and relaid them exactly as they came out. After various delays, the project was completed in late November. Next summer when you’re strolling along in the perennial garden, take time to notice the newly relaid and edge fortified brick walk.

The finished brick walkway
The finished brick walkway

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