Perennial Garden Shennanigans

Read about what's been happening in the Judith DeLapa Perennial Garden.

What’s been going on in the perennial garden this year, you ask? Well – it’s been an interesting venture, to say the least! We can definitely see that the past couple pandemic years have caused us to have quite a bit to catch up on. I have a great crew who is helping me daily to edge, weed, mulch, plant, and water! We are currently edging and mulching our little hearts away. In between our maintenance duties, we are improving areas, after we remove weeds, with perennials that were leftover from our plant sale. Occasionally we stop to smell the yucca flowers – yes, we did that just this morning! – and to admire other plants that catch our eye.

We also are extremely lucky, and we happened to get a donation for a waterfall for our pond! This is huge for us, as our pond has been difficult to maintain due to the stasis of the water and the ever-growing algae population. Now, with movement and filtration, we are on our way to building up the good bacteria in our pond and providing our fish and frogs with a lovely, clear place to stay. This does take time – adding the waterfall feature basically makes us ‘start fresh’, and just like resetting an old fish tank, we need patience and daily maintenance to get us there. Be sure to check out the pond area for our new addition – and please don’t climb the waterfall!

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