Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism degree supports student in the field of museum studies and informal education

Adrian majored in sustainable parks, recreation and tourism and minored in museum studies to explore topics such as non-profit management and informal education.

Photo courtesy of Adrian Skazalski

Adrian Skazalski is excited about working with communities and advocating for sustainable and accessible recreation and tourism. That’s why he chose sustainable parks, recreation and tourism (SPRT) as his major at MSU.

Students in SPRT combine their understanding of natural resource recreation and tourism with their knowledge of sustainability. Adrian took his degree to the next level by minoring in museum studies, which complements the SPRT program and is helping him specialize.

During his time at MSU, Adrian combined his unique interests to build a foundational knowledge of the informal educational field. Actively participating in classes and in extracurriculars is something he advocates for all students.

“Jump on any opportunities that interest you,” says Adrian. “It’s a lot easier to start with a lot of activities and then narrow them down, rather than to regret not trying something later on!”

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Dearborn, Michigan


Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SPRT)

Social Relations and Policy [James Madison College]


Museum Studies

Graduation date:

Spring 2021

Why did you choose Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SPRT)?

I decided on my parks, recreation, and tourism major given my strong interest in work with communities and advocating for conscious and accessible recreation and tourism. My interest and experience in museums and other informal education institutes fits very well into the SPRT curriculum, which is another reason I chose the major. This combination has allowed me to explore topics such as non-profit management and informal learning from multiple angles.

Who or what inspired your interest in sustainability?

My interest in sustainability has been inspired in several parts. Growing up, I developed a great appreciation for the natural landscape of the world and during my time in high school, I came to understand that without conscious effort, these places could be lost. Through my time in college, I’ve come to understand sustainability through the economic, societal, and environmental pillars, which has further inspired my interest in sustainability and my commitment to making sure that as we strive toward sustainability, we’re being inclusive and equitable.

What has been one of your best experiences within your major so far?

Some of my best experiences in my major have been moments in class where I’ve realized how committed the CSUS professors are to teaching. In particular, I have very fond memories of CSUS 445 (Community-Based Environmental and Sustainability Education) with Dr. Shari Dann [retired summer 2020]. Her enthusiasm for teaching and the opportunities she offered us both in and out of the classroom inspired me profoundly as a student.

What do you want others to know about your major?

For those who are interested in sustainable parks, recreation and tourism, I’d like you to know that you’ll have great opportunities to explore your interests. First, there is great variety in the classes you can choose from but even more important is that within the classes, you’re offered many opportunities to bring in your personal interests! For me, that’s included connecting my parks and recreation learning to the museums.

What are your future plans?

I accepted a Ranger Position with Mackinac State Historic Parks and will be working on Mackinac Island! I do plan on going to graduate school, but I’m still narrowing down what I’d like to pursue. Wherever I end up, I plan to support community building and sustainable efforts.

What’s your favorite thing about MSU?

My favorite thing about MSU are the experiences and memories it’s given me so far. Even in my fourth year, I was still delighted by the new things!

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