Wilbir has left the nest

The large floral peacock is packed away for the winter.

The time has come, once again this fall, for Wilbir to fly south for the winter. Actually, he roosts in pieces about 50 yards to the North of his parking lot perch. He remains near the parking lot for visitors to enjoy as long as possible (and tailgaters to climb; yes someone always does). But when the freezing frost hit last week, it was time. So it begins by plucking out the begonias. Left in too long they become mush (technical term meaning slimy). Then a request is sent out to a Physical Plant crew to come along with equipment to lift Wilbir out. The head/neck portion is placed on a pallet. The body is set on a carriage that, with student help, can be easily pushed up near the building. There he remains through the winter. In early spring, then the whole process begins of removing the old media and wrapping him in his new burlap skin for another season.

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