Your Good Food Story, Your Photos

Apply by March 31 to get a camera and training or a professional photo shoot!

People across Michigan are building a good food system that creates a more equitable, sustainable, and economically thriving Michigan. This is the Michigan Good Food movement.

No one knows this work better than the people who live it. If you are one of those people, no one can tell the story more authentically than you.

The Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems is coordinating a Michigan good food photo project to co-create a bounty of images that show “real life” good food work in Michigan.

The goal of this project is to equip community members, food and farm businesses, and advocates to tell their own good food stories through photography.

Participants in this project will co-create a library of photos for advocating, promoting, and building support for their efforts and Michigan good food work collectively. Participants get to keep their photos, too. 

**You don’t have to have a camera or photography skills to participate!**

How it works

You don’t have to have a camera or photography skills to participate! When you apply to be a part of the project you can pick one of two ways to participate:

- Option 1 -

Receive basic high-resolution photography equipment and participate in a webinar training on:

  • how to use the equipment, and
  • how to take great pictures.

This equipment is for the participants to keep. In return, each participant is expected to contribute at least 40 photos to the shared photo library. We hope that individuals will continue to share their food story through photos after the project.

- Option 2 - 

Propose a photo session with a professional photographer. If you can identify a photographer local to you, that’s ideal. If you can’t, we can help you find someone.

If you are selected, you agree that your photos/photo session could be featured in upcoming Michigan Good Food publications. A selection of the photos will be featured at the Michigan Good Food Summit, on November 16, 2020.

Expectations for participation

The primary goal of this project is to create a library of photos that tell the story of people building a food system that creates a more equitable, sustainable, and economically thriving Michigan.

We want to provide photography for people and organizations to tell their stories and promote and share their efforts long after this project’s timeline.

The following expectations are necessary to accomplish this goal:

  • Participants will contribute a set of 40 or more photos to the library.
  • Applicants will work with the review team between April 1 - April 10 to answer questions, respond to feedback, and revise their proposal as needed.
  • Applicants and participants will communicate with MSU Center for Regional Food Systems in a timely fashion via email or phone.
  • Option 1 participants will participate in the webinar or in-person training in April 2020.
  • Participants will document photo release permissions as needed for any person(s) in the photos that they contribute to the library.
  • Participants give permission for all photos contributed to the library to be used in Michigan Good Food Charter related publications and promotions. Photo credit will be given.

Proposal guidelines

Proposals for Option 1 must be submitted through the Option 1 survey.

Proposals for Option 2 must be submitted through the Option 2 survey.

Proposals are due by 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31 and must include:

  • For individuals: a brief description of your experience or involvement in food
  • For businesses and organizations: a brief description of how your organization is involved in Michigan’s food system
  • A brief description and list of the kinds of photos you anticipate taking. If selected, you are not limited to these photos. This description will help us to select participants that represent the diversity of Michigan’s food narratives, including but not limited to:
    • Places: urban, suburban, and rural communities, businesses, community organizations, farms, warehouses, transportation, restaurants, stores, markets, cafeterias, schools, childcare sites, etc.
    • Activities: growing plants, raising livestock, processing, packaging, distributing and selling products, receiving/sorting orders, preparing food for sale or consumption, serving food, eating, food council meetings, etc.
    • People: farmers, farm workers, field scouts, packers, processors, drivers/delivery, sales associates, stocking associates, cooks, food service workers, volunteers, youth, etc.
    • Any other notes you wish to make
  • If proposing Option 2, please also include:
    • a description of the proposed photo session, including:
      • Where it will take place
      • Who and what will be photographed (see places, activities, and people listed above for examples)
    • name and contact information for the photographer who you propose working with

Submission and review

      • Proposals are due by 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31. A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours of receiving your proposal.
      • Proposals for Option 1 must be submitted through the Option 1 survey
      • Proposals for Option 2 must be submitted through the Option 2 survey
      • Preference will be given to proposals for Option 1, because this project aims to provide equipment and skills so that participants continue to tell their stories and promote and share their efforts long after this project’s timeline.
      • You will receive notification of whether you have been selected within one week of the final review team meeting.
      • We encourage under-represented people and organizations - including persons of color, veterans and persons with disabilities - to apply.

If you have questions about submitting a proposal or need to request special accommodations, please contact Andrea Weiss at

Who can submit a proposal?

If you are involved in building a Michigan food system that promotes equity, health, sustainability, and thriving economies, you can apply!

Here are some examples of people and organizations that we encourage to apply:

      • Organizations led by people of color
      • Local food council members
      • Community garden organizers
      • Early care and education sites doing farm to early care and education or local food sourcing
      • Farmers & farm workers
      • Food service providers (institutional or contracted) and food service workers
      • Food hubs, distributors, and processors
      • Food entrepreneurs/small businesses that are increasing access to affordable, healthy food

Wondering if you’re eligible? Contact Andrea Weiss at

Process and timeline

Date Deadline
March 31 Proposal submission deadline
April 1 - April 10 Proposals reviewed and responded to, revisions requested if needed
April 10 Revised proposal deadline
April; exact date to be determined Instructional webinar
May - June 2020 Professional photo sessions
July 31 Submission deadline for photos to be used in 2020 Michigan Good Food Charter
September 30 Submission deadline to be used in the 2020 Michigan Good Food Summit, a statewide conference

We look forward to reading your application!


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