Program Description

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The OFTP teaches aspiring farmers in a 50/50 mix of field and classroom activities at the 15-acre MSU Student Organic Farm. In the field, everyone participates in hands-on activities, farm walks and equipment demonstrations. In the classroom, we focus on small group activities, full group discussions, guest speakers and participant presentations. You will also visit 20+ Michigan farms! Outside of class each Monday, video lectures, readings and practical assignments, like writing a Farm Business Plan will connect learning themes from the class to YOUR farm goals.

The OFTP is a vibrant learning community connecting students of different backgrounds, ages, genders and levels of farm and life experience. Everyone learns from each other and shares their unique skills, experience and goals.

The OFTP uses different themes each week to give graduates the working knowledge of farm production, management, marketing, and business operations needed to operate a diversified small farm. Each graduate leaves with their complete Farm Business Plan and earns a Certificate from MSU Student Organic Farm, MSU Department of Horticulture and the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems.

Please email oftp@msu.edu with questions!