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September 01, 2007


15% Teaching, 30% Reseach, 50% Outreach and Contract Services, and 5% Administration

Associate Director, Plant Biotechnology Resource & Outreach Center

Research Experience

2022.7-present: Professor and Associate Director, Plant Biotechnology Resource & Outreach Center, Michigan State University, USA.

2014-2022: Associate professor and Associate Director, Plant Biotechnology Resource & Outreach Center, Michigan State University, USA.

2007-2014: Assistant professor and Associate Director, Plant Biotechnology Resource & Outreach Center, Michigan State University, USA.

2002-2007: Research Associate, Plant Transformation Center, Michigan State University, USA.

2000-2002: Research Associate, Biotechnology Group, Mitsui Chemical, INC. Japan.

1999.2-1999.8: Laboratoire de Cryobiologie Végétale, Université P. Et M. Curie, Paris, France


CSS/HRT 451 (3 credits): Biotechnology Applications for Plant Breeding and Genetics

Research Interest

Improvement of horticultural crops using genomic, genetic, and biotechnology approaches

Basic research 

Deciphering molecular basis of chilling-mediated flowering in woody plant

• Using K-domains of MADS box genes to improve crop/fruit yield
• VcFT-mediated flowering of blueberry plants
• VcDDF1-mediated abiotic tolerances in blueberry plants
• VcSOC1-memidated growth and development of blueberry plants
• The role of phytohormones in blueberry flowering 

Applied research

Engineering new generation of genetically modified (GM) crops

Yield enhancement: identify and functional analysis of flowering pathway genes of blueberry (e.g. VcSOC1, VcFT, VcCAL1, VcFUL, VcTFL1, VcAP1, and VcLFY) for the purpose of high yield for fruit crops. 
•  Abiotic tolerance/resistance:  using intragenic approach to improve woody fruit crops for abiotic (cold, heat, and drought) tolerance.
Transgrafting: using hairpin RNA derived siRNAs produced from transgenic rootstock to modify non-transgenic scion cultivars grafted on transgenic rootstock.

New Biotechnological Tool Development

Stable transformation systems  

Reliable transformation systems depend on efficient gene delivery, effective selection, and efficient plant regeneration. My previous transformation efforts using either Agrobacterium-or Biolistic-mediated transformation yielded successful transformation systems for 27 plant species, including: alfalfa, apple, Arabidopsis, atropa, barley, blueberry, canola, celery, common bean, grape, happy tree, petunia, rice, rutabaga, sour cherry, soybean, strawberry, sweet cherry, sweet cherry root stocks, sweetpotato, switchgrass, tobacco, tomato, wild tobaccos, wheat. 

Gene editing tools

Grape and blueberry

Micropropagation systems

Sweet cherry, apple, blueberry, cherry rootstock, asparagus, hop, blackberry, raspberry, chestnut, strawberry, hosta, and tree peony.

Selected Publications

*Corresponding author


Song GQ. 2024. Award-winning Fruit Publication in ASHS Journals across the Decades (1986–2023) HortTechnology 34 (3), 283-286.

Song GQ. Liu Z., Zhong GY. 2024. Regulatory frameworks involved in the floral induction, formation and developmental programming of woody horticultural plants: a case study on blueberries. Frontiers in plant science. 15, 1336892.

Arro J., Yang Y, Song GQ, Cousins P., Liu Z., Zhong GY. 2024. Transcriptome analysis unveils a potential novel role of VvAP1 in regulating the developmental fate of primordia into either inflorescences or tendrils in grapevine. Fruit Research 1-10.


Song GQ. Award-winning fruit publication in ASHS journals across the decades (1986-2023). HortTechnology. Accepted.

Gao D., Song GQ, Omar AA. 2023. Editorial: Genetic approaches for crop yield enhancement. Frontiers in plant science, 14.

Song GQ, Carter BB, Zhong GY. 2023. Multiple transcriptome comparisons reveal the essential roles of FLOWERING LOCUS T in floral initiation and SOC1 and SVP in floral activation in blueberry. Frontiers in Genetics 14.

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Song GQ, Urban G, Ryner JR, Zhong G. 2022. Gene editing profiles in 94 CRISPR-Cas9 expressing T0 transgenic tobacco lines reveal high frequencies of chimeric editing of the target gene. Plants 11 (24), 3494

Yang Y, Ke J, Han X, Wuddineh WA, Song GQ, Zhong G. 2022, Removal of a 10-kb Gret1 transposon from VvMybA1 of Vitis vinifera cv. Chardonnay. Horticulture Research 9.

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