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March 1989


  • 50% Extension
  • 50% Research


  • Ph.D., Horticulture, University of Georgia, 1989
  • M.S., Horticulture, University of Georgia, 1985
  • B.S., Horticulture, The Ohio State University, 1981


I do not have a formal teaching appointment, but maintain an active role in teaching and advising of undergraduates, graduates and students.

Research Interests

My research program is focused on assessing the quality of harvested plant products and the development of technological interventions to improve quality maintenance. Primary Michigan crops include apples and sugar beets, but work has also included bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, blueberries, and strawberries. Much of the work is focused on developing protocols for storage using modified atmospheres via controlled atmosphere rooms or in polymeric packages. Packaging studies include mathematical model development for predicting the performance of packaged produce. Fundamental studies have begun to elucidate the biochemistry and molecular biology of the formation of odor-active volatiles in fresh produce. 

Dr. Beaudry's research efforts are supported by a well-equipped laboratory suite. Instrumentation and facilities in use include dedicated O2/CO2 analyzers, numerous gas chromatographs, GC/mass spectrometer, chloroplast fluorometer, colorimeter, spectrophotometers, wet lab, sterile hood, 28 12-bushel CA chambers, 16 controlled environment rooms, packaging facility, computer lab, etc. Partnering relationships have been established with Plant Biology, the MSU School of Packaging, Agricultural Engineering and Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Dr. Beaudry maintains international linkages in the areas of shipping quality maintenance (India and Chile) and fruit biochemistry (Chile).

Much of Dr. Beaudry's research service-oriented. Examples would include carrot storage experiments with Gerber Foods Co.; root pruning effects on apple quality and storability, and apple storage techniques. Recently, applied research has been focused on the preservation of the 'Honeycrisp' apple variety.  The focus has been reducing injury to the fruit in response to chilling injury and controlled atmosphere storage. Recent findings have shown that 'Honeycrisp' fruit can be desensitized to the low temperatures and modified atmospheres of the storage environment by a short exposure to elevated temperatures just after harvest in a process known as conditioning.

Fundamental research has recently revealed the presence of a new pathway [Citramalate-Pathway] for the synthesis of fatty acids in plants via a 1-carbon elongation mechanism.  This pathway is engaged in ripening apple fruits and synthesizes precursors to esters, which are important aroma compounds in apple and many other fruit.  In addition, we are also evaluating additional routes for the formation of ester precursors involving the well-known 2-carbon elongation mechanism and the lipoxygenase pathway [LOXvolatiles] for lipid degradation.

Recent activity also includes the development of evaporatively-cooled and solar-refrigerated storage structures for base-of-the-pyramid farmers in India and other developing countries. Working with Dr. Sangeeta Chopra of the Indian Agricultural Research institute in Delhi and Dr. Norbert Mueller in Mechanical Engineering here at MSU, we designed and constructed low-cost, battery less, off-grid prototype refrigeration systems that can be partially self-built by the farmer. These units are currently being evaluated in India.


Resource to Cooperative Extension Service field agents and growers in the areas of:

  • Apple harvest maturity evaluation
  • Apple storage disorders-Recommendations for air and CA storage of apple and blueberry fruit
  • Blueberry harvest and storage operations
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Effects of ReTain on fruit maturation and storability
  • Effects of 1-MCP on fruit ripening and storability
  • Cultivar effects on apple slice quality
  • Control of storage disorders
  • Mechanical harvest and handling of blueberries

Coordinator of MSU Controlled Atmosphere and Storage Clinic (CA Clinic)

The CA Clinic audience is primarily apple storage operators from the Great Lakes region and Canada. Clientele response to the CA Clinic has been entirely favorable and meeting turnout has been consistently good. Storage operators are kept up-to-date on most recent changes in CA and packinghouse regulations, methods for increasing efficiency of CA operations and techniques for improving their ability to maintain high fruit quality. Over the twelve years of the program, more than 1200 pages of printed material have been made available to constituency groups through the CA Clinic notebooks. Invited and featured speakers have been brought in from across the country and around the world.

Faculty Coordinator of Apple Maturity Program

Maturity is known to affect the storability of both apple and blueberry fruit. Harvesting these commodities at the appropriate maturity stage has the potential to optimize firmness retention and freedom from defects, while assuring appearance, flavor, size, and texture attributes are satisfactory. Accurately assessing fruit maturity, however, is difficult and techniques for optimizing maturity assessment are much needed by growers.

Through the use of conference call, websites, and FAXes with regional CES agents, information is shared with Michigan shippers, packing houses, storage operators and growers. Grower response has been very positive; they feel much more confident in their ability to harvest fruit in a timely fashion and maximize fruit storage potential. This program is now funded by the Michigan Apple Shippers on an annual basis and augmented by funds from Valent BioSciences, the manufacturer of ReTain.

Selected Recent Publications

Sugimoto, N., P. Engelgau, A.D. Jones, J. Song, and R.M. Beaudry. 2021. Citramalate synthase yields a biosynthetic pathway for isoleucine and straight- and branched-chain ester formation in ripening apple fruit. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 118(3) e2009988118. 10 pp. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2009988118.

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Program Areas

Fruit - Pomology

  • Modeling respiration of apple slices in modified-atmosphere packages
  • Inhibition of fungal activity and enhancement of aroma biosynthesis in apple slices
  • Changes in chlorophyll flurorescence of apple fruit during maturation, ripening and senescence
  • Respiratory and fermentative metabolisms in asparagus tips under low O2/High CO2 atmosphere
  • Regulation of the steady state oxogen in asparagus spears tips: responses of glycolytic metabolism and sucrose-metabolizing enzymes under low oxogen/high carbon dioxide atmospheres
  • Phosphate and nucleotide metabolism under low O2 and high CO2 partial pressures 
  • The physiology, biology and biochemistry of ester formation


Dr Beaudry's research activities focus on preserving the postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables. Specific areas of expertise include shipping and handling assessment, modified atmosphere packaging, controlled-atmosphere storage, non-destructive quality assessment, flavor analysis, apple scald physiology, molecular biology and biochemistry of aroma compound production, and use of volatiles to inhibit decay. Spinoffs from research have lead to the development of a number of practical devices or methods for which patent applications have been submitted.