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Plant Developmental Genetics

What are the underlying genetic mechanisms that determine plant form, and how are these controlled? What are the key genes that influence agriculturally important traits such as flowering?  What parallels exist between plant and human development, and can studies in plants shed light on issues such as cancer and stem cell biology?

Current Projects

Transcriptional mechanisms driving development of multicellular organisms. As an organism develops, cells may proliferate to maintain a pool of stem cells, or differentiate to form specialized tissues. We are studying the mechanisms by which states of gene activity are propagated within and across mitotic boundaries, specifically in relation to chromatin-associated proteins and modifications of DNA and histones at specific genetic sites. In Arabidopsis, we identified a class of protein required for maintaining transcriptional activity of a subset of developmental regulatory genes by counteracting the repressive activity of the so-called Polycomb-group proteins.

Identity and function of genes influencing juvenility and flowering in apple. The transition from vegetative growth to flowering is a developmentally regulated process that is crucial for production of most horticultural crops. The molecular-genetic pathways of flowering have been extensively studied only in herbaceous model plants. We are developing the domestic apple, Malus x. domestica, as a reference for understanding the genetic and molecular control of flowering in woody perennials. This includes identifying important genes and processes associated with the switch from juvenile to adult phase, the seasonal timing of flowering, and repression of flowering by fruit and endogenous hormones including gibberellins.


Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin

B.S. Genetics, Cornell University


HRT860 Scientific Writing: Workshop
This small-group workshop will train graduate students in scientific writing through reading and analysis of representative publications from a variety of general and plant-related journals. Optionally, students writing a paper, thesis or grant proposal may bring copies and distribute these to other students in the group. The writing will be discussed and suggestions for improvement will be made collectively by instructor and class members.


 (Recent; *under review)

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