Greeshmanth Alluri

Greeshmanth Alluri

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MS Graduate Research Assistant


Major Advisor

Dr. Debalina Saha

Project Title

Competitive Effects of Weeds on Container-grown Ornamental Plants

Research Summary

My current research aims to investigate the impact of fertilizer placements on weed competition and the growth of ornamental plants in container production. Additionally, the study also aims to explore the effects of different types of weed species at various densities and in different container sizes on the growth of ornamental plants. By addressing these issues, the research seeks to provide insights into optimal fertilizer placement strategies and effective non-chemical weed management practices for container-grown ornamental plants.

Potential Impacts of Research

The ornamental/floriculture industries in Michigan employ over 13,000 people and have a total financial impact of $1.26 billion. Weed control in container nursery production is a major cost for growers, but even a slight improvement in weed control can increase their profitability. This research aims to develop strategies for controlling weeds in ornamental production, which will improve overall quality and market value of ornamentals, reduce labor costs, and increase profit margins for Michigan growers. By altering fertilizer placement and studying the effects of weed densities on ornamental growth, growers can control weeds using cultural methods instead of synthetic herbicides that can harm sensitive ornamentals and the environment.

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  • Alluri G., Saha D. 2024. Emerging Perspectives on Non-Chemical Weed Management Tactics in Container Ornamental Production in the United States. Horticulturae 10(3), 281.


Trade Journal

  • Alluri, G., D. Saha. 2024. Managing Herbicide Resistance Development Among Weed Species. The Michigan Landscape Magazine. 67 (1) 27 – 29.