The Big Picture: Does 10 Cents Work? - 10 Cents a Meal Evaluation Results 2020-2021

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A crate full of local Honeycrisp apples.

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The 2020–2021 year for 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids and Farms (10 Cents) was notable in a few ways.  

Key Takeaways

Grantees selected an average of three positive outcomes of participating in the program.

  1. The most frequently selected outcome by responding grantees was “The variety of produce served in school meals has increased” (16% of all reports). 
  2. The second most frequently selected outcome was “we can plan local produce and dry bean purchasing with greater certainty” (12% of all reports). 
  3. The third most frequently selected outcome was “our food purchasing budget has increased” (11% of all reports). 

Most grantees agreed that their food service operation was positively impacted through participating in 10 Cents. Per the evaluations, grantees reported that:

  • 84% offered more local fruits 
  • 79% offered more local vegetables 
  • 73% increased fruit consumption among students/children
  • 71% increased vegetable consumption among students/children
  • 65% identified new Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and dry beans 

Read the whole 2020-2021 10 Cents a Meal Evaluation Report. 

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