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2022 SNAP-Ed Social Media State Project Summary


March 9, 2023 -

Social Media Efforts

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension continued to expand reach via technology by using social media to deliver nutrition and physical activity messages. From October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022, MSU Extension created and circulated nutrition, physical activity, food safety, and food resource management posts, as well as resources that are relevant for the SNAP-Ed audience. This content was posted on Facebook (660 posts), YouTube videos (13 new videos with an accessible library of 150 videos), and Instagram (111 posts). The total reach (duplicative) for these posts was 532,256. MSU Extension social media efforts helped highlight SNAP-Ed messaging by providing viewers with educational content in five forms that support SNAP-Ed behavior outcomes: informational graphics, videos, success stories, MSU Extension-authored articles, and external articles. The MSU Extension (MI Health Matters) Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts will continue to be promoted in FY2023 to SNAP-Ed program participants.

Social Media Numbers

The MSU Extension (MI Health Matters) social media campaigns were tracked using YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, and Pinterest Analytics.



  • 48,315: The number of people who had any content from the MI Health Matters Facebook page or about the page enter their This includes posts, check-ins, ads, social information from people who interact with the page and more. (Unique Users)
  • 223,419: The number of times the MI Health Matters page’s posts entered a person’s screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos, and more. (Total Count, duplicative)


  • 9,309: The number of clicks on any of the (Total Count, duplicative)



  • 304,794: How many times video thumbnails were shown to viewers on YouTube. (Total count, duplicative)


  • 10,346: Estimated number of people who watched the videos. This is the highest 90-day period during FY2022, as YouTube only provides users for up to a 90-day period. (Unique users)
  • 21,025: Total views of all videos. (Total count, duplicative)
  • 495.5: Total hours of all videos watched.



  • 10,480: The total number of times pins entered users' screens. (Total count, duplicative)
  • 1,100: Monthly page


  • 8,100: Total audience – number of people who have seen or engaged with pins. (Unduplicated)
  • 426: Total engagements on pins including clicks and


This social media platform was newly launched in FY2021.


  • 4,043: Total reach for all content. (Total count; duplicative)
  • 277: The number of users that saw any of our posts at least (Unduplicated)
  • 17%: Increase in unique users over FY21.
  • 38: Highest unique users for a post. Unable to obtain unique reach by a period of time or another metric.

Facebook Videos

The MSU Extension MI Health Matters social media campaign produced 21 short-form educational videos in FY2022 that provided viewers information needed to increase physical activity and intake of fruits and vegetables by offering engaging information, cooking tips, and recipes. MSU Extension’s Facebook video library consists of 296 videos overall and continue to be viewed and shared.

Below are examples of the videos posted during FY2022.

YouTube shares a subset (160) of the Facebook videos and the analytics are above in Social Media Numbers.

snaped facebook videos


MSU Extension created infographics provide audiences with quick bits of information that can be found in lengthier MSU Extension news articles. The infographics also include links that allow viewers access to the full article. These infographics are posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Each graphic contains brief information that can stand alone or be layered together and viewed as a series. Below is an example of a graphic series posted in FY2022.

snaped infographics


MSU Extension strives to have the broadest range of access to content created on social media through a variety of means.

Video Accessibility

Videos created in FY2022 are closed captioned and include spoken audio. The closed caption allows audiences to read the video transcript. The spoken audio allows users to listen to content when there are challenges with reading the captions or written directions.

Infographic Accessibility

Infographics are created using minimal text and meet a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1. This increases accessibility for audience members challenged with differentiating between colors.

Post Accessibility

All images and infographics use the alt text feature on social media platforms to increase accessibility for audience members that use a screen reader. This allows viewers an understanding of what is in the visual. MSU Extension duplicates text from the graphic into the body of the post so it can be read with a screen reader.

Links from graphics are also duplicated into the body of the post so users can click the link without needing to transcribe.


Accessibility Questions:

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