A Replicable Model for Valuing Local Food Systems

November 1, 2015 - Steven R. Miller, John Mann, <barryjud@msu.edu>, Tom Kalchik, <barryjud@msu.edu>, and <mhamm@msu.edu>

Using the underlying data of the IMPLAN Pro 3.0 regional economic simulation model the authors were able to estimate the current economic contribution of Michigan's local food system and explore the chain of transactions giving rise to consumption of locally sourced goods from producer to processor to consumption. The proposed methodology includes both unprocessed and processed foods in the estimation of the local food system's economic value. The model also provides a replicable and consistent approach to estimating the value of local food systems within regional and state economies.


IMPLAN, local foods, regional economics, simulation model



Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics / Volume 47 / Issue 04 / November 2015, pp 441-461



Corresponding author

Steven R. Miller mill1707@msu.edu 

This journal is available online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/aae.2015.19



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