Animals in the Food System Conference Presentations

November 3, 2004 - David S. Conner, <>, Susan B. Smalley & Debby Williams

The Animals in the Food System Conference was held in Hickory Corners, Michigan, and discussed the current situation of animal production strategies as well as prospects for future expansion in this industry.  Pasture-based animal production is considered to have significant potential to reinvigorate rural communities.  The conference focused on opportunities to grow this form of agricultural production, with spreakers from Land Grant Universities in seven states across the country presenting the following papers:

Pasture-based Agriculture: Opportunities for Public Relations Institutions

Is Better Nutrition a Justification for Choosing Pasture Raised Animals?  (Author: Garry Auld, Ph.D., R.D.)

Keeping Animals Healthy on Pasture (Author: Ben Bartlett, D.V.M.)

How Well Do Current Laws Fit Local/Regional Processing Needs? (Author: Kate Clancy, Ph.D.)

Farm Animals Audits: Meat Processors (Author: Temple Grandin, Ph.D.)

Why Reintegrate Animals? (Author: Chuck Hassebrook)

Identifying and Developing Appropriate Processing Locations (Author: Louise Hemstead)

The Market for Pasture Based Livestock Products (Author: Bill Knudson, Ph.D.)

Organic Pasture Beef (Author: Eric Meili)

Grazing Ecology: Conservation benefits of Ruminant Agriculture (Author: Laura Paine, Ph.D.)

Sharing Risks and Rewards Across Partners in Pastured Livestock Value Chains (Author: Rich Pirog)

From Green Grass to Cash (Author: Margot Rudstrom, Ph.D.)

Husbandry and Welfare of livestock in Pasture Based Systems (Author: Janice Swanson, Ph.D.)

Organic Grass Based Dairy Products for Local Markets (Author: Francis Thicke)

Guiltless Not Meatless: consumer Preferences for Pasture Raised Animal Products (Author: Jennifer Wilkins, Ph.D., R.D.)






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