Fund Development Webinars for Michigan Local Food Councils

June 18, 2019 - Author: Jennifer Booher, ,

Fund development is not only about raising funds, but doing so in a way that builds long-term relationships to ensure that the mission and vision of an organization are realized.

Successful fund development involves all activities (events, appeals, grants, etc.) associated with initiating, cultivating and stewarding relationships with donors and engaging them to support your cause.

Jennifer Booher of True North Consulting and Grant Writing Services, LLC, has 16 years working with nonprofit organizations, including the Detroit Zoological Society and Camp Daggett, and foundations in developing strategies that lead to strengthening infrastructure and maximizing impact.

This webinar series covers the basics and requirements for successful fund development such as how to optimize your limited time and resources in creating fund development strategies that work for you!

Part One

Where do you start?

Download slides for part one

Part Two

Key to success

Download slides for part two

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Liz Gensler

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