Good Food Storytelling Night 2019

May 2, 2019

(From left to right) Danielle Todd, Cornetta Lane, Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez, Harriette Brown, and Nadia Halle

Five food systems trailblazers shared their stories about innovation and infrastructure at the Detroit Food Policy Council's 2019 summit. These speakers spoke about their journeys through the food system from food access and waste, to culture and education.

Watch recordings of their stories below.

The Good Food Storytelling Night series was made possible by Michigan Good Food, Model D, and the Detroit Food Policy Council.

Cornetta Lane

Dinner for 30

Cornetta Lane is a cultural entrepreneur, who created two community storytelling initiatives that help people find value in crafting and telling their own stories. In fall 2019, she will launch the Detroit Story Cookbook, a celebration of the stories and food legacies of Detroit home cooks.

Danielle Todd

Make Food Not Waste

If you head to Eastern Market for their annual Community Feast, you're likely to run into Danielle Todd. She's the director of a community initiative called Make Food Not Waste; and, she loves to talk about putting food into our bodies and not into the garbage can.

Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez

SW Detroit Restaurant Week

Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez expresses his forward-looking perspective through photography, interpersonal connection, equity and transparency. Not too long ago, Juan had a vision for a project that brought food and people together to celebrate one unique Detroit neighborhood.

Harriette Brown (Chef Bee)

Sisters on a Roll Mobile Cafe

Through what she calls "disruptive food service," Chef Bee improves communities with healthy convenience food so everyone can, as she puts it, "Eat Good and Be Well." She's on a mission to share the flavor of love with her Sisters On A Roll Mobile Cafe.

Nadia Halle

FoodCorps Michigan

For Nadia Haile, studying agriculture in college was like learning a new language. And now she’s putting it into practice as a FoodCorps service member, right here in Detroit. Every day, she collaborates with students and staff at Dixon Educational Learning Academy; she also works at Drew Farm, with students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

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