Local Government Support for Food Systems: Themes and Opportunities from National Data


September 20, 2013 - Laura Goddeeris

In 2012, CRFS and the International City/County Management Association conducted a comprehensive national survey on local governments’ food-related activities. The survey captured the presence of food-related policies and programs, and various funding sources, plans, partnerships and coordination efforts supporting them. The responses from nearly 2,000 municipalities and counties provide insight into how local governments understand and engage with local and regional food systems.

On June 5, 2013, CRFS and ICMA hosted a conversation centered on the survey results with representatives from local government associations, federal agencies and university research centers. After reviewing highlights from the survey findings, participants identified opportunities for additional research and outreach; implications for federal support; and strategies for linking local governments with information and support mechanisms.

This brief provides a snapshot of the results presented, opportunities discussed, and potential next steps.


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