Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System Webinar: Established and Suggested Metrics

July 22, 2019 - Author: , Joann Lo, , ,

This webinar provides an introduction to the newly published guide, Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics, including examples of metrics in four different themes and ways the guide can be used.

Two food system leaders also share how they are using data and metrics to drive system change.

Presenters and Respondents:

  • Kathryn Colasanti, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance
  • Lindsey Lunsford, Tuskegee University

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Tags: center for regional food systems, food access, metrics, racial equity, racial equity in the food system workgroup

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Kathryn Colasanti

Kathryn Colasanti

Rich Pirog

Rich Pirog

Renee Wallace

Renee Wallace

Lindsey Lunsford

Lindsey Lunsford

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