The National Food Hub Survey Data Dashboard 


September 15, 2023 - <> and Kathryn Colasanti

Since 2013, the Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems (MSUCRFS) and the Wallace Center at Winrock International have conducted the National Food Hub Survey to identify trends in food hub economic growth and viability, their social mission and operationalization of racial equity, and the opportunities and challenges faced by food hubs across the country. The biennial survey reports help shape national understanding of food hubs, as well as provide data for current and future food hub operators, partner organizations, policy makers, funders, and community members. 

Through the National Food Hub Survey Data Dashboard, users can visually explore the findings of all previous National Food Hub Surveys. For example, a visitor could use filters to see changes in grant dependence between 2013 to 2021 for food hubs in the south. This tool provides an interactive method to understanding overall trends for food hub operations across survey years and regions.  

How to use the Data Dashboard

National Food Hub Data Dashboard screenshot.png
Download the Data Dashboard to view survey results by year and region.

To use the Data Dashboard, users can select one or more years of survey data to view. Users can then select one or more regions to see how changes in results vary by geographic area or across the country. This tool allows users to view data from the following categories: Percentage of Organizations by Years in Operation, Percentage of Organizations by Legal Status, Percentage of Organizations by Business Model, Average Percentage of Total Gross Sales by Customer Type, Total Organizational Sales as a Portion of a Dollar by Product Category, Dependence on Grant Funding, and Operating Expense Ratio. 

The National Food Hub Survey Data Dashboard was developed in close collaboration with the University of Michigan Program Evaluation Group.

Do you have questions on how to use this Dashboard? Contact Noel Bielaczyc, Value Chain Specialist, at 


Funding for the National Food Hub Survey and this dashboard comes from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.  



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