MSU Tollgate Farm The Secret Life of Trees: Meet a Tree

Visit MSU Tollgate Farm and explore the secret life of trees!  Check out our journal page to follow along with the video here

This video is part of The Secret Life of Trees, an interactive virtual series on October 5, 12, 19, 26, & November 2: 11 a.m. EST.  We'll explore the secret life of trees as we investigate big ideas - how trees have unique and diverse life cycles and how they have amazing structures and functions that help them survive and grow. Do trees compete or cooperate as they use resources in their own environment to survive. Which trees grow at Tollgate Farm and why? How are they alike and different from the trees in the students yard, park, or schoolyard. Aligned with literacy, math, and Next Generation Science Standards, students will get to know trees up close and personal. Interact with MSU Tollgate Farm staff, visit the fields and gardens, engage in STEM challenges, and learn about how we are a part of the same ecosystem as the trees around us and how we can give back to the trees that provide so much for us. For grades K-2.  Financial aid process available. Register here. Want information on more programs like this?  Check out our school and community programs page. For questions about this program or scheduling another educational program, please email Ellen Koehler.