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Labeling and regulation

  • Animal raising claims can be confusing on food labels

    Published on January 8, 2021
    New infographic created by Michigan State University Extension helps consumers understand animal raising label claims such as free range, cage free, and natural.

  • Food label claims: Clearing up the confusion

    Published on September 5, 2018
    Consumers are focused on looking for a products shelf-life and how healthy the ingredients are above all else. Ease in reading the label and product health benefits are paramount for local artisan food manufacturers.

  • Food labels – more info please!

    Published on February 27, 2015
    Consumers prefer products with specific food labeling instead of general references.

Food affordability, Access and Waste

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Food Preservation

  • 2022 Tollgate Farm Homegrown Gardening series kicks off Feb. 12

    Published on January 31, 2022
    Topics include sustainable methods for the home vegetable garden, seasons in the garden, edible landscapes, garden pests, adaptive gardening and how to safely preserve homegrown produce.

  • Preservatives & Refrigeration

    Published on December 6, 2021
    In prior posts, we’ve discussed the importance of preservative ingredients in our food supply. In this post, we discuss ways preservative ingredients in conjunction with refrigeration work to help ensure your food remains safe and healthy.

  • Canning in winter can be a blast

    Published on December 1, 2021
    The slower pace of the winter season might be just what is needed to do a new canning project, especially when fresh ingredients are not always required.

  • Dressing and stuffing: What’s the difference?

    Published on November 19, 2021
    Both are considered a side dish, the key is to making them safely.

  • September is food safety month

    Published on September 15, 2021
    Food Safety Month isn’t just about keeping food safe in restaurants; it should also be practiced at home.