Gallery Image


Use Gallery Image when you’re adding an image that will display as part of an image gallery, not an individual image that is part of an Article or Page content type.



Title is the headline text indicating the nature of the Image below it. Titles in Image content type should be written in sentence case and have action words and verbs that describe the article.

File Asset

Insert the Image file here.

File Name

Name of the file asset.

Image Caption

Not required, should be different from the image description, related and relevant to the article.

Date Published

Date that the Image was published.


Series-Gallery Image

Any series that this image is associated with.

Site Properties-Image Gallery

Any site properties this image is associated with. 

Dataset-Gallery Image

Any dataset that this image is associated with.

Place-Gallery Image

Any place that this image is associated with.

Organization-Gallery Image

Any organization that this image is associated with.