Use Jobs when you’re adding an internal Job Listing to be displayed on the site. 


Widget Title

This field is used only by dotCMS to name different versions of widgets.

Widget Headline

This indicates the title of the widget that will be displayed on the page. 

Widget Headline Type

This indicates what heading style the title will be. 

Number of Results

This indicates how many results you want to populate in your search.


This indicates whether or whether not you want your list paginated. 

Items Per Page

This indicates how many Jobs will be listed per page, if the list is paginated. 


Title is the headline text indicating the nature of the Job below it. Titles in the Job content type should be written in sentence case and have action words and verbs that describe the Job.


This further describes the Job. The description will appear on the Job page and on index pages.

Employment Type

This indicates whether the Job is full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal. 

Valid Through

This indicates how long the Job Listing will be posted. 



Indicates whether or not the job is grouped under any datasets.

Job-Place (Job Location)

Indicates the location of the job offer.

Job-Organization (Hiring Organization)

Indicates the organization that is posting the job (the website the job is being added to) and the organization that is actually hiring (the employer).