Image description.

Demo Place Page

220 Trowbridge Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA

Place summary.


Use Place when you’re adding a physical location or geographic area.



Put the name of the place or location in this area.


URL of the location auto populates.


This is a text area that describes the location, but doesn’t repeat the title of it. Think about what happens there, is it a classroom building, lab building, county office, farm, research center.


This image will appear as a thumbnail or call out box.

Image Description

This is required, it serves as the alt-text of the thumbnail or call out box.

Banner Image

This image will appear at the top of the location page.

Banner Button

This allows clickable buttons on banner images. You can have three banner buttons max. Include text for the button in Key and the URL to link to in Value.

Child Banner Image

This allows narrow banners on subpages. 


This auto populates, select by by clicking on the map button and enter the address.


This is the physical address of the location, not a PO box, it assists in auto populating the geolocation field.


This is the phone number of the location.

Fax Number

This is the fax number of the location.


This is the general point of contact email address for the place.

Hours of Operation

This can be multiple days and times, for instance if the open time is different on Monday, than Saturday, this can be entered here.



This is the organization of which the location is a part. For instance, a research center is part of AgBioResearch. Can select more than one organization.


Courses which take place at this location should be related here.


This gives the option to share an event entry to other locations. It is selected on the event entry. Can select more than one.


This is place to article. When a news article is written about or took place at a certain location, select it here. Done on the article location. Can select more than one location.


This is where videos related to this place can be related.


This is where links to job openings at this place can be related.


This is where images related to this place can be related.


This is place to person. When a person is selecting their work location they should select it here and a person can have more than work location.


This is where Series such as a Series of Publication Issues can be related to this location.


This is the location where an event takes place. It is selected on the event entry. An event can have more than one location.


This can be used to associate a digital document with a place.


This gives the option to share a location with a dataset or vice versa.