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Demo Publication Issue - All Fields

Issue Number

May 9, 2017

Publication issue summary.


Use Publication Issue when you’re adding a single issue of a publication to the website. This is often times is a collection of Articles that comprise that issue. For example, one edition of ‘In the Field’ is a Publication Issue.



Title is the headline text indicating the nature of the Publication below it. Titles in Publication content type should be written in sentence case and have action words and verbs that describe the article.

URL Title

Title of the URL.


This further describes the content of the Publication. The summary will appear on the Publication page and on index pages.


Optional but highly preferred, insert image that is the highest quality and with appropriate permissions.

Image Description

Required when there is an image, describe the image for those using a screen reader (serves as alternate text).

3:2 Horizontal Image

A 3:2 image to be used as a thumbnail on index pages as well as a social media image to be used when sharing the page.

Square Image

A square image used for callouts only. 

Issue Number

Indicates the issue number. 

Date Published

Indicates the date the publication was published. 

Publication PDF

Insert publication PDF here. 



The issues that are related to the overall publication.


Displays the organizations featured in the publication. 


Displays the articles featured in the publication.