Camden Endowed Teacher/Scholar Award


Ideal candidates for the Howard and Lili Camden Endowed Teacher/Scholar Award will have/provide:

  • 5+ years of teaching service in the CANR with demonstrated record that students gain critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Evidence of innovation applied for the benefit of MSU students.
  • Taught a significant number of courses and instructional excellence.
  • Evidence of effective student mentoring in settings beyond the classroom.
  • Evidence of successful engagement of outside stakeholders. 

Tenure system and fixed-term faculty, academic specialists and instructors are eligible. Departmental Advisory/Awards Committees and individual faculty members may submit nomination packets. Students should contact their department or school awards committee for assistance in preparing a nomination.

Application Package Completion Process

Following nomination, the CANR Awards Team will verify the nominees’ eligibility for consideration. If they meet eligibility criteria, we will notify the nominee and invite them to complete an application package.


Application Materials

Application packages should address each of the six (6) following areas, with packets limited to no more than four (4) pages excluding supporting letters (if included). Up to 4 support letters may be included and can be authored by multiple people and/or contain quotes from individuals not signing the letter. Unsigned letters should not be included in materials.

Please do not use the Excellence in Teaching Award forms as part of the application materials.

The inclusion of the below six (6) areas are meant to be headers in application materials that include supporting reflection and specific teaching examples.

  1. Candidate has a demonstrated teaching record that has helped students gain skills conducive to problem-solving and the use of common sense.
  2. Candidate has developed innovative teaching methods and/or materials and has successfully applied these at MSU.
  3. Candidate has taught a significant number of undergraduate and/or graduate courses.
  4. Candidate demonstrates mentoring inside and outside the classroom.
  5. Candidate is respected by CANR constituent groups through professional involvements and/or recognitions.
  6. Candidate has demonstrated instructional excellence, scholarly achievement and professional linkages. 

Award recipients will be recognized at the annual CANR Faculty/Staff Awards event with a citation, plaque and monetary award. This award may only be received once.

Past Recipients

  • Aaron McKim (CSUS, 2023)
  • Dan Buskirk (ANS, 2022)
  • Jen C. Owen (FW, 2021)
  • Wei Liao (BAE, 2020)
  • Kirk Dolan (BAE, 2019)
  • Diane Fischer (FSHN, 2018)
  • Janice Siegford (ANS, 2017)
  • Amber Peters (FW, 2016)
  • Daniel Hayes (FW, 2014)
  • Larry Zink (AFRE, 2014)
  • Paul Nieratko (SPDC, 2013)
  • Gretchen Hill (ANS, 2012)
  • Lorraine Weatherspoon (FSHN, 2010)
  • Joe Domecq (ANS, 2009)
  • Janice Harte (FSHN, 2008)
  • John Shelle (ANS, 2007)
  • Scott Winterstein (FW, 2006)
  • David Hawkins (ANS, 2005)
  • Judith Whipple (AFRE, 2005)