Excellence in Teaching Awards

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) offers two Excellence in Teaching Awards meant to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to quality scholarship of teaching as evidenced by their contributions to teaching and learning and demonstrated success in these areas.

Nominations & Eligibility

Individuals nominated for these awards must be CANR faculty, academic specialists or instructors who are teaching during the fall, spring or summer semesters of the current academic year.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit nominations; please note that nominators must work with the nominee to prepare the materials of application. Student nominations are encouraged. Students should contact their department or school awards committee for assistance in preparing a nomination. Please note that students must work with nominees in the preparation of the application packet.  Self-nominations are accepted.  

  • Established Teacher Award is awarded to individuals with 5 or more years (preference to those with > 5 years at MSU) teaching experience (not including graduate teaching) at one of the following ranks: tenure system (non-emeriti) faculty, fixed-term faculty, academic specialists and instructors.
  • New Teacher Award is awarded to individuals with less than 5 years teaching experience (not including graduate teaching) at one of the following ranks: tenure system (non-emeriti) faculty, fixed-term faculty, academic specialists and instructors.

Nomination Materials

In its review and examination of nomination packages, the review committee is seeking to identify candidates that go above and beyond the call for duty in teaching or advising. Being an excellent teacher or advisor is necessary, but not sufficient for winning the award. The prospective winner of the award will be the one that clearly demonstrates scholarship in teaching with respect for the subject matter they are teaching or advising, respect for students and colleagues, and respect for pedagogy and advisorship itself.

To verify that a nominee meets the spirit of the award, we look for:

  1. Demonstrable evidence of dedication to instruction/advising through experimentation and successful implementation of innovative techniques and contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  2. Evidence of excellence in instruction/advising as demonstrated by the impact on students' careers and colleagues' teaching/advising practices.

Award recipients will be recognized each spring. Established and New Teacher Award recipients may only receive each award once.

Nomination forms and instructions (PDF)

Deadline to Apply

The deadline for the receipt of application materials is January 27, 2020. Email one (1) PDF copy of the nomination packet and form to Lisa Duffey at lduffey@msu.edu with the subject line: Excellence in Teaching Award.

Please contact Dr. Kelly Millenbah with questions or concerns at millenba@msu.edu or 517-355-0234.

Past Recipients

  • Aaron McKim - New (CSUS)
  • Brent Ross - Established (AFRE)
  • Jade Mitchell - New (BAE)
  • Matt Raven - Established (CSUS)
  • Lorraine Weatherspoon - Established (FSHN)
  • Henry Campa, III - Established (FW)
  • Robert Montgomery - New (FW)
  • Christopher Saffron - Established (BAE)
  • Janice Siegford - Established  (ANS)
  • Bridget Behe - Established  (HRT)
  • Jason Knott - New  (ANS)
  • Mary Bremigan - Established  (FW)
  • Liz Marcher - New  (ANS)
  • Rafael Auras - New  (PKG)
  • Pat Crawford - Established  (SPDC)
  • Brad Rowe - Established (HRT)
  • Karen Renner - New  (CSS/PSM)
  • Shawn Riley - Established  (FW)
  • Laura Bix - New  (PKG)
  • Kelly Millenbah - Established  (FW)
  • Larry Zink - New  (AFRE)
  • Taylor Johnston - Established  (CSS/PSM)