Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

Each year the ANR Student Senate acknowledges an ANR Outstanding Academic Advisor. Senate attendees, which represent all of the club presidents, vice presidents and auxiliary officers, place a call out to CANR students for nomination of the Outstanding Academic Advisor.

Questions related to the nominator include:

  • Describe the qualities that make your nominee an outstanding academic advisor.
  • What makes him/her stand out from other CANR advisors?
  • In what ways has your advisor helped you set and reach your academic and professional goals in agriculture and/or natural resources?
  • Does your advisor have responsibilities in addition to academic advising (such as administrative duties, teaching, research, advisor to a student group, etc.)?

All nominees are presented at a designated Senate meeting for voting and subsequent announcement.

For questions, contact Dorcia Chaison, room 121, Justin S. Morrill Agriculture Hall. You may also fax to 355-8364 or e-mail chaison@msu.edu.

Nomination Form