Assistantships and Scholarships


Most graduate students in the Department of Horticulture are supported by their faculty advisor through assistantships. Assistantships and fellowships are available to qualified individuals on a competitive basis. Research assistantships (1/2 time) for 2020- 2021 in the Horticulture department pay for tuition and health care, and provide an annual stipend of approximately $23,800 to $28,100, depending on graduate level. This equates to a total annual cost of approximately $39,600 to 44,000. Tuition support includes up to nine credits during Fall and Spring semesters and up to four credits during the Summer semester (six credits are considered full time for graduate students). Additional information can be obtained by contacting individual faculty members or the Department Graduate Programs Office.

Further information regarding the graduate assistantship benefits can be found at the MSU Graduate School website and on the Student Services Assistantship website. For consideration for the broadest range of fellowships, assistantships, and visitation opportunities, complete applications for study beginning in Fall should be received no later than December 1 the prior year, although applications are evaluated throughout the year for admission in Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.


Scholarships and Fellowships

For an extensive list of available scholarships and fellowships, please visit our scholarships page at