Featured Entomology graduate student Charles Coslor

Interview with Charles Coslor, featured Entomology graduate student.


Name: Charles Coslor

Hometown: Sedro Woolley, Washington

Major professor: John Wise

What are you researching? My research is expanding trunk injection methods for control of foliar pests in Michigan apple orchards. I am injecting mature apple trees as well as nursery trees, and taking residue samples of nectar and pollen to assess the potential impact on pollinators.

Future career plans: I will seek a position in the agricultural industry.

What do you wish other people understood about entomology? How interdisciplinary it really is. Entomologists work in a wide range of fields including genetics, ecology, agriculture, behavior modeling, molecular biology, chemistry and more. When I was first getting seriously interested in entomology, people asked me what I would do with a degree, and I didn’t really know how broad the field was at the time.

Was there ever a time when you didn't like insects? No! I’ve been bitten and stung but keep coming back for more.

Although you work with insects, is there any particular insect or arthropod you do not like and why? I have a healthy respect for giant centipedes. I think it’s because they remind me of venomous snakes, like it’s an invertebrate mimicking a vertebrate. Despite that, the centipede in the Bug House is fascinating.

What is your opinion on entomophagy (eating insects), as practiced in other world cultures?In many parts of the world it is culturally normalized and also makes economic sense. I think it will take several steps before entomophagy switches from being a novelty to commonplace in the United States. There’s already a lot of good products if you look around though! I have eaten insects on many occasions, and they can really be quite tasty. Especially the giant water bugs in chili paste. I’d recommend entomology students taste their research insect at least once if possible, just for the experience.

What is your favorite activity outside of your studies and entomology? I like working on DIY/maker crafts such as small electronics projects. I am also really interested in 3D printing and I’ve been incrementally building a 3D printer of my own.

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