Mary Tuski has found her place in the horticulture industry

Mary Tuski is a four-year horticulture student from Lapeer, MI. She is full of passion for the horticulture industry and is currently the President of the Student Horticulture Association.

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Why did you choose Horticulture as your major/degree?

As a middle schooler, my first job was as a gardener two different households. I would plant, weed, and water their gardens throughout the season and I loved it so much. Ever since that job, all my jobs have been horticulture related. It is a passion of mine. I love being outside, working with my hands, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping make our planet a more beautiful place. Plants absolutely amaze me, and I don't think I'll ever stop learning new facts about them. Some of the greatest people I have ever met work in this industry. It is an industry where I feel like I belong. Overall, I chose horticulture as my major because it is my passion and the perfect fit for me.

What has been the best experience in your major so far?

The best experience in my major so far has been being a part of the Student Horticulture Association (SHA). I’ve been honored to serve as Vice President of SHA last year and President this year. I have made some of the best friends and connections through our association. I have grown so much professionally and as a person. Serving as President has taught me how to be a leader. I feel well prepared to enter into the workforce from the skills and opportunities I’ve been given from being involved in this awesome association.

What is the best selling point about your major that you would like others to know?

There is something in our major and industry for everyone. We have such a diverse industry and there is so much we can learn in our major. I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to do with horticulture when I declared it as my major so I took as many diverse classes as I could to figure it out. You will find something you are passionate about in our industry and make it a career. Also, I know I’m biased but we have some of the best professors, faculty, and staff of any department. They are all so helpful and will help you succeed.

What are your future plans?

I am currently going through the process of applying to graduate school. I would like to obtain my Masters in Horticulture Science and concentrate in nursery product, specifically tree and shrub production. I would love to work in research and maybe even for extension one day.

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