Michigan State University hosts viticulture virtual field days

Online webinar series will highlight MSU research and outreach, offer management strategies for growers

Michigan State University (MSU) will host a series of virtual field days focused on various viticulture topics from July 27-July 31.

Each event, from noon-12:45 p.m., will feature videos highlighting research, a talk from an MSU researcher or MSU Extension specialist, followed by time for Q&A.

 The sessions will focus on the following topics:

Commercial grape growers in Michigan are encouraged to participate to learn more about how MSU is supporting the state’s grape industry, and to be informed about timely management issues, such as diseases, insects, and weeds affecting grapes in the later part of the growing season. 

A Zoom link will be provided upon registration. The link is valid for all sessions. Registration will remain open through July 30. 

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“This event will help growers have a better understanding of the research and Extension work MSU does, and how we can help them,” East said. “It will also allow them to connect with members of our grape management team, and learn about strategies they can use to grow the best crop possible.”

According to a 2017 report from Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council, the wine industry generates over $2 billion a year in economic activity for the state.

To learn more about MSU’s Virtual Field Days, click here.

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